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Seminars & Workshops



Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever!    -    January 25th, 2013

This 1 hour training workshop will teach you what you need to learn about how to create an amazing plan for your 2013 year, and beyond.  You will discover:


  • Where to start when planning (and it's not where traditional planning models start)
  • The 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of entrepreneurs and how to implement them into your 2013 year
  • How to ensure your motivation holds for the whole year and not just past Easter!
  • A practical business plan model that will guide you for the next 5 years


 To reserve your place on the North Shore, call Andy now - phone 912 1901, or email 


Marketing on a Shoestring Workshop


Effective, low cost marketing strategies for business owners that can be implemented today for immediate results.


Join award winning business advisor, Andy Burrows in a practical two hour workshop and learn about strategies to increase inquiries on a consistent basis, how to convert more of them into $$$ and how to get those hard earned customers to come back more often.


The aim of the session is to go away with a simple 90 day marketing plan that can be implemented immediately and become part of the on-going revenue generating systems of the busienss.  This is not about expensive, Madison Avenue type advertising campaigns, but cost effective tactics that all business owners can do for themselves.


Join us for a light breakfast at 7:30am, followed by the workshop.  Evening sessions are also available.


Cost:           $49.00 plus GST.


To reserve your place on the North Shore, call Andy now - phone 912 1901, or email  


The ‘3 Vital Steps to Grow Your Business' Seminar

If you work crazy hours in your business, if you're overstressed and underpaid, this could be the lifeline or the light at the end of the tunnel you've been yearning for. It's all to do with giving you your life back.

Please join us. We're sure that you'll find it to be the most profitable evening you've experienced in quite a while.

This is a ground-breaking seminar.

It has changed the way hundreds of business owners look at their business. It has been responsible for thousands of dollars in profit increases for the business owners who have attended the seminar and adopted its principles.

"An excellent and informative session"

Mateen Siddiqui - GMP Pharmaceuticals Ltd

"Thanks for having me along last night, despite the fact I was dubious to the point of nearly cancelling several times. After a previous bad experience with a hard core sale pitch, guilt tactics, or an excuse to lock you in a room for three hours to push their services, I felt I gained lots of value from the information presented in this seminar"
Andre Southgate - Sapphire Solutions

A FREE copy of ‘Your Business Your Life valued at $39.95

As a thank you gift for joining us, you will be provided with a FREE copy of Your Business Your Life, written by Nic Clarke the founder of Icon Business solutions. This will give you an understanding of how and where you can make improvements in your business.

Learn these business secrets

  • The 3 Vital steps to grow your business and why following these steps will provide incredible success.
  • Your business journey... and why getting it right is so critical.
  • The 7 building blocks of business.
  • How to develop your unique point of difference.
  • 8 keys to growing your business without losing control.
  • 8 keys to building a top performing team.
  • Plus, Plus, Plus 5 ways to get more customers, 5 ways to get customers to spend more and 5 ways to get customers to come back more often.

This FREE seminar is absolutely packed with value and you will enjoy the ‘hands-on' approach, which will encourage you to think about your own business, and improvements that you can apply. Ignite your business by making sure that you join us.

To reserve your place on the North Shore, call Andy now - phone 912 1901, or email  


Net Variable Cash Flow

With Debtors on average paying at 42.3 days (and getting slower) the need to manage cash flow has become even more important.

This seminar looks at how to work out your cash flow and what strategies your business can employ to lessen the effects of not having enough cash in your business.

Does your business ever suffer from:

  • Low Gross Margins?
  • Having to discount to get orders?
  • Debtors over 30 days who want to continue ordering from you?
  • An inability to cover end of month payments during a GST payment period?
  • Having to dig into savings to fund monthly expenses?
  • Inventories that have blown out?
  • Creditors on 50 days plus?

You will learn strategies to enable these issues to become a thing of the past.

To reserve your place on the North Shore, call Andy now - phone 912 1901, or email   




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