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Testimonial from Alan Kimiangatau of Buylink NZ

Alan is at the draft stage of his SuccessModelTM program

Q What were some of the best outcomes for you in SuccessModelTM business improvement program?
A Some of the best stuff for me was the programme actually provided me opportunities and a realization that I didn't have to do the business all by myself and that with the realization that I do need programs and systems to actually make things happen in the direction that I want it to go.

Q Did you do the program on your own, or did you involve other people with you?
A I did involve the other people with regards to the other aspects of the business but a lot of the program I did by myself. But in saying that, the other people were involved in certain areas.

Q What happened when you involved those people?
A I realized that what I thought and what they thought wasn't actually always the same, and having other people involved in the process actually helps you understand where they're coming from and how you can come to a solution that is best for the business itself.

Q What are some of the things that you enjoyed in working with your Business Advisor?
A Some of the things I enjoyed - well, some of the challenges he provided me, I always enjoyed that. And some of the solutions and simple things that he could actually see that was available to me. He made me realize that there were some easy ways for solutions in my business and actually found that out for me.

Q What sort of advice and solutions did your advisor give you during the program?
A Some of the advice he gave me was to go through each part of the business process and put in systems as a way of creating profitability in the business. Most importantly for myself, looking at other ways where I could find more time for myself instead of spending all my time in my business - so that was the most important thing.

Q As a business owner, what did you learn from doing all the questionnaires and evaluation sets?
Realization. Realizing that I don't know everything. Realizing that there are better ways of putting things into place. Realizing some of the errors that I was making in the past. Realizing that some of the systems that we have now put into place, albeit that they are not very nice to do at the time we put them into place, the true benefits after you actually go through the work and actually do them for yourself.

Q What were some of the changes you implemented through the program?
A Our marketing program; we had no marketing program and those were obviously beneficial to the business. Now we have a marketing program and have people who come to our business and know what we are all about.
Some of the changes that we implemented were in areas with regard to cash flow and how to utilize and leverage our bank, our suppliers and even our customers. How to leverage that to be in a better position for ourselves in profitability.
Many areas in regard to changes were also put into place. The changes were gradual, and as we implemented them into our business, we realized the benefits as soon as we put them in.

Q What advice would you offer business owners looking to take on a SuccessModelTM business improvement program?
I can say that it has not only been very good for myself, it has provided 3 things that I wanted.
I wanted direction with regards to where I want to take the business; It has provided me ample time to step away from the business, and have confidence in the systems and procedures that we actually put into place; and obviously profitability is very important - it's shown me different areas where I can actually increase my profitability.

Q So, the SuccessModelTM program has been successful for you?
A Absolutely!

Q And we haven't finished it yet, have we?
A No we haven't.

Q Would you recommend the SuccessModelTM program for other businesses, and how would you term it as an investment for your business?
It has been a critical investment for me. It is something that I had to do. I didn't realize it at the time, but I realize it now. What it has actually done is paid me dividends beyond any investment that is going out there.