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Testimonial from Jumping Beans

Tim and Alison Kinmont own Jumping Beans South Auckland, a licensed operation providing children up to six years of age with motor skills and activities that aid development. Classes are based throughout South Auckland including Pukekohe and Howick. They have just completed the SuccessModelTM program up to the draft plan stage.

1. What are some of the best outcomes for you from doing the SuccessModelTM program?

Actually having to look closely at what we have been doing and working to put them onto paper. By using our knowledge in a systematic way we have been able to take all the things we knew worked and by putting them together, increase our business. Each success has led to a higher level of confidence that we are heading in the right direction. One change we made early on was to increase the price. We thought this would be a backward step but has proved to be a really good thing. Attendance and profit are both up.

2. What are some of the things you enjoy about working with your business advisor?

We have found the meeting process very useful in organising our thinking and keeping us on focus with the changes we needed to make in the business. The meetings have been relaxed and effective working on both structural changes and day-to-day issues we were grappling with.

Getting an external perspective has been great as we tend to get caught up in doing the business. Having someone who understands business while not being caught up in the process is invaluable. By being able to talk about issues we are more able to see what the main objectives are and focus on them.

3. What sort of advice and solutions has your advisor given you in the program?

Jon has first gone through our business in enough detail to understand what we are doing and where we are trying to head towards. By focussing on this process we have moved from fire fighting mode to business development mode.

First off we instigated a price rise and a series of open days. The open days have helped us to gather more clients in the areas where we need to increase the role. By trying our service first, new clients have signed up with a conversion rate of over 80% from these events.

We have been working on training our frontline staff to provide excellent service and education to the parents who bring their children. We have also trained our staff to sell additional education tools to continue to develop children while outside of the class.

4. As a business owner, what are the things you are learning from doing the questionnaires?

The questionnaires have really made us think about our business. We have reviewed all the areas of our business and have begun to put in place more robust systems to cover all the key areas of our business.

5. What changes have you implemented through the program?

We have made some major changes to the business and have a good idea of the changes we need to continue to make in the future to give us the business we dreamed of when we started. Some of the changes are:

• We have changed our advertising and marketing to better target the things our clients are concerned about.
• We track where our leads come from and the conversion rates of each tool.
• We have implemented open days
• We have changed our staff hiring procedures and included specific training for staff.
• We have changed the job descriptions and what is expected of our staff
• We have increased revenue each term by 40%
• We are looking to implement systems to track financial data on a 90-day cycle to make sure we are spending money in the most appropriate areas.
• We are developing our day-care programs

6. What advice would you offer business owners looking to take on a SuccessModelTM program?

Go for it, the money we have invested with Icon going through the process has been well repaid many times over with the increase in revenue. This does not take into account any longer term increases we can see from the systems we have put in place to measure our processes.

We have a very strong belief that the continued value of the program will far outlast the investment made. We are already looking to continue with Icon to grow the business further. This will occur with the purchase of a further vehicle and the development of a permanent Jumping Beans outlet.

7. Has the SuccessModelTM program been successful for you?

Yes! No questions about it. We had few financial resources to undertake this process and I must admit we had to act on good faith when signing up the program. What made us go ahead was the time we spent talking to Jon prior to signing and the strong process we saw in behind him to affect the changes we needed to make.

Thank you Tim and Alison. We will look forward to talking with you again when you have finished the programme.