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Your Export Focus

Are you thinking of expanding to overseas markets and just not sure how to start, or maybe you have dipped your toe in the water and need help to go to the next level?

Your Export Focus program will help support your future plans


 The program is an end-to-end coaching program designed for a business owner planning to get into export for the first time, or who is in the export space in a small way and wanting to expand.  Designed by someone with over 20 years in the export sales and marketing field, both in sea and air freighted products.

The process covers five key steps and the necessary strategies and detailed tactics required at each stage. These key steps are: EXPORT READINESS (risk, vision, mission, objectives, SWOT, USP), PLANNING & PREPARATION (research, finance, insurance, competitor SWOT, distribution, legislation and certification), EXPORT STATEMENT DEFINITION, MARKET VISIT and PLANS INTO ACTION (contracts, pricing, transport, documentation, production, marketing, partner choice, resources and market entry strategy)

At the conclusion of this process a comprehensive export plan will have been developed and you are armed with significant new knowledge around the exporting environment.

The length of time to design and implement an export program in an existing business can vary tremendously, depending on many factors.  The process is estimated to take at least 8 months.  Meetings would be scheduled on a fortnightly basis.


This program has been approved for up to 50% co-funding via the NZTE Managment Capability Development Voucher Program.  

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