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Who Is Icon Business Solutions in Auckland?

 Andy Burrows

 Andy Burrows


Think and act like a large company, even if you’re not, recommends business advisor Andy Burrows.

 Demonstrating how large company thinking can benefit smaller enterprises is Andy’s forté, borne of many years experience in retailing, horticulture and exporting.  He knows well the need for planning and setting business goals, for measuring performance objectively and for building strong relationships with customers. And, most importantly, he knows from first-hand experience the importance of setting up systems and processes, something many smaller businesses fail to do.

 A degree in marketing management was the basis of his early career in sales and marketing, primarily in the export industry, where he worked for Turners & Growers. He achieved excellent results, both in terms of dollars and reputation in the industry, managing one of the company’s export divisions.  Andy has also headed up a number of industry bodies, including the national Horticulture Exporters’ Council, representing exporters in dealing with Government regulatory bodies. 

 Andy gets a big kick out of helping businesses create the right atmosphere for success; in assisting people – be they team members, owners or customers – to achieve their goals.

“I wanted to use my corporate knowledge to help business owners improve their lives and Icon Business Solutions is far and away the best vehicle for doing that,” he says.

 Andy also contributes some of his time for free to the business community in his role as a mentor through Business in the Community and as a judge for the Westpac - Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards.