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New Zealand
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About Us

Icon Business Solutions is a leading business advising company, with business advisors represented in Australia, UK, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

Icon Business Solutions has developed a unique series of professional, results driven systems and programs that are easy for both business advisors and business owners to work with and use. These unique systems and products enable business owners to grow their business, improve profits and staff retention, implement strategies for direction and productivity efficiencies, review systems and procedures, get more personal time and make more money.

Icon Business Solutions systems and programs are the result of 17 years research and development, knowledge and understanding business, and have been tested, proven and used by many independent business owners around the world. In New Zealand Icon have won several Franchisee awards and were finalists in the 2007 Vero excellence in business awards. Our commitment to excellence is ongoing and demonstrable in what we do.

The benefits of our unique systems and programs to business owners include:

You can expand or grow
The survival of your business is not reliant just on one or two people, which means that if you plan to set up new branches or grow your business, you will be able to explore these avenues more successfully than ever before.

Your business is more profitable
The value of the business increases because it is more profitable and it can be replicated, as it is not reliant on you. Improvements in Gross margin and bottom line profits can be measurably achieved.

You can enjoy life a whole lot more
Being able to step back from your business enables you to be much less stressed, have more time for your family, go on holidays, take up hobbies and do many of the things you went into business for. A solid exit strategy will be determined and processes put into action to achieve this goal.

Work ON your business
You are able to take on more of a “visionary” role; you now have a focus on “steering the ship” which ensures the business heads on the right course towards your goals instead of sailing aimlessly through the water.

Higher productivity from your team
The introduction of systems, procedures and people management strategies dramatically increases morale, reduces “double – ups” in tasks, reduces errors and re – work, and general sloppy and lazy work habits.
“I can’t get good staff” and “They never do the job properly” will be a thing of the past as accountability and control are introduced into your business.

Higher return on your marketing dollars
You will now know where your marketing dollars are being spent along with which marketing promotions are working and which aren’t. You will also discover marketing and promotional techniques to maximise your return.

You work less, earn more
Many of you will work fewer hours as a result of the systems and procedures put in place. Instead of working 60 – 80 hours a week, you will be working as little as 30 – 40 hours a week (and perhaps even less) and the time spent will be on acting as the CEO.

One on one help
You will receive valuable one on one advice, coaching, guiding, mentoring and consultation throughout the program from your dedicated Icon Business Solutions Business Advisor.