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13 Dec 2011

Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!

Imagine having an unlimited budget to build your dream home.  Where would you start? 

Personally, I would start by THINKING about what I wnated in the home and roughly where the bits went.  How many bedrooms.  What style of house would I like.  Where would the pool go and do I want a tennis court.

Next I would employ an architect to PLAN the house in detail as every successful project starts with a plan, right? 

So how detailed was your plan for 2011 and how successful was it?  If there was a better way of doing it, would you want to learn about it?

On the 25th of January, I will be hosting a training workshop wher you can learn how to create a fantasic plan for 2012, and beyond.  You will learn:


  • Where to start (and it may not be where you think)
  • The 3 shifts that seperate the top 5% of successful people and how to implement them into your 2012 year
  • How to ensure your motivation lasts all year and not just until Easter
  • A practical business plan model that will provide you a blueprint for your business for the next 5 years, on 2 A4 sheets of paper



To reserve your place at this event to be held on 25th January in Albany, contact me here, or phone me on 912 1901