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9 Dec 2011

Planning workshop for 2012 held

With 2011 being a tough year in business for many, the opportunity to take a break over the holiday period, take stock of where you are at and set some new plans in place for 2012 will be welcome.

To that end a short workshop on the process of goal setting and practical planning was held at the North Shore Golf Club for members of the Business Hub. The Business Hub is a group of private business owners who get together to help each other learn about all things business and help each other grow their businesses along the way.  

The session dealt with three areas of developing a focused plan for 2012:


  1. Reality:  Where are you now and what diagnostic tools are useful to clarify strengths and weaknesses to be addressed in the next 12 months
  2. Results:  What is the process for setting goals and why some people get it wrong.
  3. Rocks:  What issues do you need to deal with during the year in order to achieve your goals and what is the best way to do this in a systematic way.



The session focused on goal setting and planning for business, but the same principals can equally be applied to one's private life and making progress in areas such as health, education and relationships.  It is all about having a framework to follow and then doing something practical every day to move you a little bit closer to your particular goal.


The workshop included a workbook that can be downloaded here.