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New Zealand
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Are you looking to break into export markets?

Are you looking to exit your business within the next 5 years? 


You are in the right place. Welcome to the world of Icon Business Solutions. We are professional business advisors helping independent business owners grow and develop your business so that it can provide for your goals and aspirations.

Our primary focus is firstly in helping SME owners take their business to the international stage through export development, and secondly to achieve a successful exit or succession plan, when the time is right. Businesses are formed to deliver on your goals, not be a millstone around your neck. As Business Advisors and Coaches it is our role to help you to achieve the potential of why you went into business in the first place.

Unlike straight business coaching the value of working with an Icon Business Advisor are:

  1. Icon business advisors look to build your business from a solid financial foundation.

  2. Sales and Marketing are NOT the only answers to business growth. (sometimes they are business killers)

  3. Good systems will allow you to gain control of your business and achieve a successful exit. Our job as business advisors is not to be in your business forever but to educate you to be able to run the systems we implement together.

  4. Marked realistic and sustainable improvements are guaranteed.

  5. Face to face meetings with a business advisor who understands business and are in business themselves.

  6. Resources that can be used or modified to create workable systems giving you time to focus on the important tasks

With over 300 customers having seen the benefits of using an Icon business advisor to develop their businesses, you will be impressed at what we can offer.


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